Eminem asked to testify in court case

The rapper asked to give evidence by High Court

Eminem has been asked to give evidence to Ireland’s High Court explaining his last-minute cancellation of a gig at Dublin‘s Slane Castle in 2005.

The rapper pulled out of the gig on Septermber 17, 2005 as part of his Anger Management tour after complaining of “exhaustion”. The 80,000 tickets for the open-air gig had sold out within an hour.

Promoters MCD are seeking just over £1 million (1.5 million euros) compensation from three London-based insurance companies after they refused to pay up after the gig’s cancellation.

Eminem had asked that he be allowed to give his testimony in private regarding the state of his health at the time of the gig but Justice Peter Kelly refused the application, saying it would be inappropriate.

He added that he thought Eminem’s testimony was “possibly crucial” in settling the dispute between the promoters and the insurance companies, reports Reuters.