The superstar rapper nails his political colours to the mast on 'Encore'...

EMINEMhas made his dislike for US President GEORGE BUSH clear on forthcoming album ’ENCORE’.

Retailers in LA got early listens of the Dr Dre produced album at a party hosted by Interscope president Jimmy Iovine, and say that much of the content is politically charged.

One said: “The cuts we heard were very political. Eminem’s distaste for the Bush administration is pretty clear,” reports Rolling Stone.

Longtime collaborator Dre and [a][/a] both appear on the album, which is tipped by retailers to shift over one million copies in its first week.

“I think it’s possible,” says Kevin Cassidy, executive VP of retail operations at Tower Records. “Prior to ‘8 Mile’, Eminemwas a premier rapper. Now he’s a premier artist.”

The album, which features new single ‘Just Lose It’, may also feature a limited edition bonus disc of songs that were leaked onto the net last year.