Universal plan to burn down a house...

Residents and local councillors in Detroit are opposing the shooting of a key scene in EMINEM‘s new film featuring a house getting burned to the ground.

During a city council meeting in the Highland Park district of the city on Tuesday (November 27), the city’s emergency financial manager, Ramona Henderson Pearson, made her case for allowing the burning of the abondoned house. Later, residents held a protest rally.

As a compensation to locals, film producers Universal have promised to demolish three vacant houses, to donate $2,000 to a Highland Park charity and to deliver a lecture about the film business to local schools.

However, the offer has proved less than popular an offer.

&quotI see no entertainment value in burning homes,” Councilman Earl O Wheeler Jr told the Detroit News. Dr Ameenah EP Omar widened the reason for his disapproval, adding: &quotWhat Eminem stands for is the antithesis of what I stand for.”

The decision ultimately lies with Henderson Pearson, who makes no bones about wanting to give it a green light. &quotIf we can do this in two nights and raze three houses, then let’s do that,” she said.

In the scene, neighbours burn the house, thought to be used in criminal activity. &quotThe scene is important to our movie because of an epiphany experienced by the character played by Marshall Mathers,” producer Carol Fenelon said.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the film is loosely based around Eminem‘s life, and stars Oscar winner Kim Basinger as the central character’s mother.