The rapper is to star in a film of his life, loosely based on 'Saturday Night Fever'..

Eminem is set to make the crossover from rapper to actor, as he gears up to kickstart a film career in a movie based around his life story.

The hip-hop star has been working with a writer to help tend the script for the project, which is due to begin filming early next year.

Speaking to fans via US website [url=]www.getmusic.com, manager Paul Rosenberg, who filled in for the troubled rapper while he left yesterday evening’s (1 August) proposed webchat early for a soundcheck, elaborated on the movie’s plot.

“The movie’s gonna be something that’s loosely based upon his life as a struggling rapper before he was famous. It’s gonna be sort of modelled after the ‘Purple Rain’ type of theme or ‘Saturday Night Fever’ type of theme, where it’s loosely based on real events but it’s not the actual story. It’s not going to be Eminem playing Eminem, he’s gonna be some struggling underground rapper, like he really was.”

Meanwhile, Rosenberg expressed disappointment at BBCTV‘s Top Of The Pops, for choosing not to broadcast his pre-recorded performance of the number one single ‘The Real Slim Shady’ on the show. He continued: “It’s really unfortunate that he would get banned for just saying what he wants to say and if kids can go buy the record in the store and they can buy a clean version in the store, they should be able to edit it enough that they can play it on TV. It just doesn’t really make too much sense, especially since he went out there and worked hard and gave them two great performances before.”

He also announced Eminem may appear as a character on the upcoming NWA record, and that the artist recently collaborated on a song with B12, a Detroit rap outfit signed to Eminem‘s Slim Shady Records label.

Before leaving for the soundcheck Eminem did answer a few questions, and confirmed he will be heading out on tour with Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach in the US.