Rap superstar Eminem plays storming show in Manchester despite storm of protest...

EMINEM is storming through his UK tour at a time when his profile has never been higher – and NME.COM is keeping track of his movements.

During his first performance in London’s Docklands last night (February 9) the star was joined onstage by ‘Stan’ collaborator Dido – to read NME.COM’s full review of the show, click here.

For our exclusive video report from outside the show, featuring everything from protesting students to underage kids, click here.

The Docklands appearance was followed by Slim Shady’s aftershow at London’s Ministry Of Sound – where he, D12 and Xzibit took to the stage. For the NME.COM review click here.

This all comes after a spectacular first date in Manchester, where the rapper (live pic right) performed a one-hour-25-minute set to a full-to-capacity 15,000 crowd at the Manchester Evening News Arena, despite a storm of protest outside the venue from gay rights, Christian and women’s rights groups.

Despite a crowd consisting mostly of hardcore young fans, celebrities such as footballer Rio Ferdinand and The Clash’s Joe Strummer were in attendance at Manchester’s show – although Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her football hero husband David Beckham were seen to storm out of the venue just 15 minutes into the show.

Although Eminem is currently awaiting charges relating to an incident in which he pistol whipped a man he suspected of kissing his wife in a Detroit club, the star still insisted on using the incident in his stage act, bragging: “I pistol whipped some motherf-ker. They wanna throw my ass in jail!”

Huge boos from the fanatical crowd followed that announcement, before he launched into ‘Criminal’.

The stage show started in spectacular style after a five-minute ‘Blair Witch Project’-style video featuring two people trespassing in Eminem’s house – before he kills them with a chainsaw.

Once the curtain was raised, Eminem appeared on top of a huge stage set house dressed in a ‘Friday The 13th’ mask and brandishing a chainsaw as in the movie.

Shortly after a stunning ‘Kill You’, he had the entire crowd join in the chorus of his most recent UK hit, ‘Stan’, which tells the story of a deranged Eminem fan who kills himself and his pregnant wife when his hero fails to reply to his letters.

onto the stage.

In all, there were four costume changes and two stage sets during the lavish show – at one point Eminem’s ‘house’ changed into a giant castle, complete with flaming torches. At the finale of the show, Eminem staged his own death – fried alive in an electric chair.

Outside, some fans were so desperate to see their hero they were paying upwards of #200 a ticket to get into the gig.

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