The rapper gets two years probation and a hefty fine on the charge of possessing a concealed weapon...

EMINEM has been sentenced to two years’ probation and fined $2,500 today (April 10) at MACOMB COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

He is also banned from possessing a weapon and using excessive alcohol or drugs and will be subject to drug-testing under the terms of his probation – and could face up to five years in prison if he violates the terms.

In addition, he was ordered to pay $5,000 court costs.

Following the sentence, Eminem, looking humble and well-mannered, made a brief statement to reporters, saying: “I’m glad the judge treated me fair and like a human being. I look forward to putting this behind me, and getting back to spending time with my little girl and making music.”

Judge Antonio Viviano said: “In this case we have a defendant that is 28 years old, has a daughter, and has no criminal history. I consider probation to be punishment for an offence. I don’t think it is a lark, and I don’t think it is a light sentence.”

The sentence allows Eminem to travel for work-related purposes in the United States, but he must obtain court permission to travel abroad.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III pleaded guilty to carrying a concealed weapon on February 14, after charges of assault with a dangerous weapon were dropped. The offence relates to an incident on June 4, when he saw a man kissing his wife Kim outside a nightclub in Warren, Michigan. The rapper was initially also charged with pistol-whipping the man.

Macomb County Prosecutor Carl Marlinga had previously said that he would seek no more than six months’ probation “because he has no record and there was no serious injury”. Eminem can still withdraw the plea and go to trial after hearing what the sentence is, according to Detroit Free Press, because the plea was lodged under advisement.

He faces a further charge of possessing and brandishing a concealed weapon during a separate incident earlier the same night, which involved members of Insane Clown Posse in nearby Royal Oak. That case is next due back in court on April 23.