The Spice Girl and Slim Shady? Now there's a thought...

MEL C wants to go where Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears fear to tread and do a song with EMINEM.

The Spice Girl has revealed that she thinks the rapper and his current Up In Smoke tour comrade Dr Dre are “really sound”.

She added that she wouldn’t want to curb Eminem‘s bad-boy reputation and swearing in songs: “I don’t think you can put boundaries on people’s creativity. I know what his music’s about and I like it, we’d have to do something that suited both of us. I don’t know whether they’d want to work for me.”

She also said that she has been “very inspired” when it came to songwriting for her new solo album, the follow-up to her debut ‘Northern Star’.

But, speaking to a UK website, she said it would be “very bitter and twisted,” reflecting the tabloid harrying over her relationship with J from Five.