The news comes on the day Marilyn Manson speaks out in support of the troubled rapper...

Eminem‘s preliminary court appearance in DETROIT on Monday (July 10) was adjourned until August 31 at the request of the troubled rap star’s lawyers.

Eminem was due to appear on charges of allegedly possessing a concealed weapon outside the Hot Rocks Cafe in his hometown of Warren, Detroit, on June 3. They are related to an incident in which he claims he saw his wife kissing another man, whereupon the star allegedly assaulted the man in question.

According to reports in the Detroit News, no reason was given for the adjournment of the case.


The chart-topping rapper’s wife Kim is recovering after an apparent suicide attempt on Friday night (July 7), when she was rushed to hospital with cuts to her wrists.

Eminem‘s grandmother has criticised it as “a publicity stunt” and said her grandson was worried about “a wife who just wants attention”. But Kim‘s lawyers claim that she has been mistreated by his family and the public since the initial incident on June 3.

In other Eminem news, Marilyn Manson has spoken out in support of him, just one day after nme.com revealed he is to star in the rapper’s new video.

Speaking via his website, Eminem[/a] as an “exception”. He said: “Eminem is an exception when it comes to rap and his new album will play an important role in the fight for free speech, I think he’s not afraid to tell anyone and everyone to ‘fuck off,’ and I like and respect him for it.”

As exclusively revealed on nme.com yesterday, Manson is set to appear in the video for Eminem‘s new single ‘The Way I Am’, on which he is namechecked. The second verse of the song goes: “When a dude’s gettin’ bullied and shoots up his school/They blame it on Marilyn, on Marilyn/And the heroin.”

It has not yet been officially confirmed that ‘The Way I Am’ is to be the next single in the UK.


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