The naughty rapper is "no longer welcome"...

EMINEM is “not welcome” in the city of DAYTONA BEACH in the US, after reportedly swearing during a free concert.

According to a report in the local Daytona Beach News Journal newspaper, Eminem, as well as Snoop Dogg and a variety of other rap stars, were in the city to record live performances for a local cable television over the weekend (March 31 -April 1).

Eminem was forced to re-record part of his three-song set at the request of the town Mayor Bud Asher, who claimed the rapper’s lyrics infringed a lease requiring performers to refrain using bad language during their performance.

As a result, Asher slammed Eminem as a “renegade” who “thumbs his nose at authority”.

He continued: “He was asked as nice and politely as you can ask a human being to go along and respect the terms of the lease and he flouted it. You can thumb your nose at Bud Asher, but you can’t thumb your nose at the city of Daytona Beach. As far I’m concerned from the city point of view, he’s not welcome back here.”

Other rap stars at the event were welcomed with open arms. Snoop Dogg , who performed clean versions of his songs including ‘Gin and Juice’ and ‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’, met the mayor, who described him as a “sensitive young man”.

He commented: “I requested the meeting and they were kind enough to set it up. I explained the situation and he (Snoop Dogg) said he understood. He was a gentleman, very articulate and I think a very sensitive young man. He gave me his commitment that he would certainly cooperate and live up to the lease in every way. He just couldn’t have been more receptive.”