Officials believe the plastic figures, one of which shows the rapper wielding a chainsaw, do not fit in with the store's "family image"...

The forthcoming line of EMINEM dolls will not be stocked by WOOLWORTHS in the UK because officials believe they do not fit in with the store’s “family image”.

As revealed on NME.COM, two plastic figures of the rapper, unveiled at a recent toy fair in the US, are set to be released all over the world in autumn.

There will be a puffa-jacket-wearing Eminem figure marketed as the ‘Marshall Mathers’ figure, while a chainsaw-wielding figure will take the name of the rapper’s evil ‘Slim Shady’ alter ego.

A spokesperson for Woolworths told NME.COM today (March 26) that the decision not to stock the figures was made in keeping with the “family image of the store”.

She said: “We have more children in our store than most retailers and because of that it didn’t fit our image. We have decided not to stock them.”

She added that the figure would have been stocked next to other dolls such as Barbie – and the “strong image” of the dolls would not be appropriate in that context.

However, Woolworths do stock Eminem records. Defending their decision to stock the records but not the dolls, the spokesperson continued: “The dolls are visually strong, whereas singles contain ‘Parental Guidance’ stickers and their covers don’t usually have the same kind of impact.”

One of the UK’s flagship toy stores, Hamleys in London, is also rumoured to be considering not stocking the dolls. However, a spokesperson for the store told NME.COM no decision had been made about whether they would sell the figure.