The rapper and his estranged wife Kim agree to joint physical and legal custody of daughter Haillie...

EMINEM and his estranged wife KIMBERLEY have agreed to joint physical and legal custody of their five-year-old daughter HAILLIE under a divorce agreement signed last week.

According to the terms of what is presently a temporary divorce, the rap star retains their $450,000 house, while Kim will be given $475,000 in order to buy a new home.

Speaking to the Detroit News, Eminem’s solicitor Harvey Hauer said the proceedings were not “contentious at all… It was easily arrived at because each person was concerned with the family and concerned with the well-being of their daughter.”

The speedy agreement came just 11 days after Kim filed for divorce on March 1 in Macomb County Circuit Court, citing a breakdown in the marriage. It becomes permanent if no other changes are made to the agreement.

However, Henry Baskin – a prominent local lawyer who has represented Marvin Gaye, among others – warned this may be only the start of a long series of wrangles for Eminem.

“I don’t know what this guy’s wife did for him spiritually and creatively to generate the music and the royalties he’s entitled, but ownership is not just who’s name it is in,” Baskin said.