NME.COM has pictures of the Eminem dolls that are set to hit the shops in the autumn...

NME.COM can this morning (March 20) bring you a picture exclusive of the new EMINEM doll set for sale later this year.

The two plastic figures of the rapper, unveiled at a recent toy fair in America, are set to be released all over the world in autumn.

The puffa-jacket-wearing Eminem figure will be marketed as the ‘Marshall Mathers’ figure, while the chainsaw-wielding figure will take the name of Em’s evil ‘Slim Shady’ alter ego.

The figures have been produced by New York-based toy firm Art Asylum, who’ve followed comic and action figure magnate Todd MacFarlane’s lead in turning music stars into toys.

MacFarlane made the Kiss line of toys, the Ozzy Osbourne doll and plans to release figures of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst later on this year.

However, there may be some difficulty in buying the dolls in UK stores. When NME.COM described the chainsaw-wielding toy to a spokesperson for Hamleys store in London, she said: “That’s not something you’d buy a nice child, is it?”

Because the figure will not be released until autumn, Art Asylum have yet to approach any UK toy stores to see if they’ll take the figures, but the spokesperson for up-market Hamleys said: “I doubt they’d think if such a figure would be appropriate for our toy market.”

The news that the world will soon be able to own their own little Eminems comes in the same week that the TV programme-manufactured pop band Hear’say launched their own dolls. The band turned up at Hamleys on Saturday (March 17) to sign the dolls for fans.