The troubled rapper is in defiant form as the 'Up In Smoke' rap extravaganza begins...

Eminem poked fun at his wife and his recent arrest over an alleged pistol- whipping incident outside a cafe in MICHIGAN last week (June 7) during his debut set last night (June 15) on the ‘UP IN SMOKE’ tour at CHULA VISTA, SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA.

The show also featured appearances from ICE CUBE, SNOOP DOGG, WARREN G and DR DRE, who organised the massive series of US gigs.

San Diego, I wanna address a current issue,” Eminem began. “I know a lot of you read or heard or seen or whatever that my wife and I have been having some marital problems. That stuff’s all fine. In fact we got my wife here tonight. Where’s Kim? Somebody bring Kim out here.”


The performer then brought out a plastic blow-up doll he proceeded to toss around before performing current hit ‘The Real Slim Shady’.

Eminem is currently on $10,000 bail after being charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a concealed weapon during an alleged brawl outside the Hot Rocks Cafe in his hometown of Warren, Michigan.

It’s alleged Eminem saw his wife kissing a companion and a fight broke out, during which a gun fell to the ground. The rapper is pleading not guilty to both charges. If found guilty, he faces up to nine years in prison.

A court date has yet to be set, but in the meantime, Eminem is fourth on the bill on the ‘Up In Smoke’ tour, which also includes performances by the Eastsidaz, TQ, Warren G, Nate Dog, Mac 10 and WC (who formed Westside Connection with Ice Cube), as well as the aforementioned Cube Snoop and Dre.

The nearly four-hour show, which many in the media thought could not be pulled off, turned out to be one of the finest and most extravagant showings by the hip-hop community ever.

In addition to a lavish set by Ice Cube, during which the stage was dressed to look like an ice palace and a machine shot snow onto the audience and DrDre and Snoop’s old skool ghetto hell complete with graffiti, a bouncing purple convertible Cadillac and a giant red-eyed skeleton, highlights included the many collaborations made by the tour’s cast throughout the show – especially between Dre and Eminem on ‘Forgot About Dre’.


The evening ended when the three living members of NWA and Snoop, all draped underneath an NWA banner, performed a one-song encore as a teaser for the group’s planned autumn tour, the lyrics of which ran “I’m gonna smoke what I wanna smoke/I’m gonna ride what I wanna ride”.

For a full review of the Up In Smoke tour’s opening night, see nme.com later today.