Eminem is slammed for allegedly promoting violence against women, while Manson is still getting the blame for Columbine...

Eminem has come under fresh attack during a US Senate hearing, accused of promoting “violence of the most degrading kind against women”.

And during the same hearing, held yesterday (September 13) in Washington DC, the finger of blame for the Columbine High School massacre was once again pointed at Marilyn Manson.

Most of the flak directed at Eminem in the hearing into how violent imagery in the media and entertainment influences America’s youth came from Lynne Cheney, the former chairperson of a group called the National Endowment for the Humanities. Cheney is also the wife of Dick Cheney, the Republican vice-presidential candidate in this November’s US election.


Cheney said: “I want to focus on one company, Seagram, that is currently marketing Eminem, a rap singer who advocates murder and rape. He talks about murdering and raping his mother. He talks about choking women slowly so he can hear their screams for a long time. He talks about using O.J.’s machete on women, and this is a man who is honoured by the recording industry.”

Cheney called for tighter regulation of “explicit” material on records advocating age-labelling, in a manner similar to film classification, so retailers could have “information they need in order to decide who should be able to buy certain materials and who should not”.

She then switched her attention to Manson, saying: “The time has long passed when we can shrug off violence in the entertainment industry by saying that it has no effect, by saying it’s just coincidence that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the murderers of Columbine High, were fans of the shock rocker Marilyn Manson.”

Harris and Klebold were the teenagers who murdered 25 of their fellow pupils at Columbine High in Denver, Colorado on April 20 last year before turning their guns on themselves. Dubbed the Trenchcoat Mafia, the pair at the time were described as ‘devotees’ of Manson, causing something of a witchhunt against him amongst many US lobby groups.

Following the murders Manson labelled Harris and Klebold ‘dipshits’ and held the influence of the powerful National Rifle Association to be more to blame.