The troubled rapper faces a picket from the Gay And Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation at tonight's MTV Video Music Awards...

Eminem faces angry fire from gay rights lobby group the GAY AND LESBIAN ALLIANCE AGAINST DEFAMATION (GLAAD) for the second time in several months.

The rapper faces a picket from the group outside the MTV Video Music Awards tonight (September 7) in New York. GLAAD intend to protest against MTV’s promotion of what they view as blatant homophobia in his lyrics.

GLAAD Executive Director Joan M. Garry issued a statement yesterday saying: “It’s time to make sure we are heard. Eminem has refused to take responsibility for the violence his lyrics promote, and by placing him centre stage, MTV has traded responsibility for ratings.”


The alliance first raised objections to Eminem in late May when they said some of the lyrics on ‘The Marshall Mathers LP’ were “defamatory” and encouraged “violence and hatred”. At the time they called for Eminem to be more responsible claiming his “lyrics are soaked with violence and full of negative comments about many groups, including lesbians and gay men”.

Unhappy with perceived lack of action MTV has taken in addressing their complaints, GLAAD Regional Media Manager Romaine Patterson, who will lead the protest, told [url=]www.rollingstone.com that “GLAAD will not sit idly by and watch MTV promote homophobia on their airwaves while ignoring the impact on our community. No such hatred can go unchallenged”.

They plan to begin their protest tonight at 6pm (EST) outside the city’s Radio City Music Hall. The award ceremony will be broadcast live on MTV from 8pm (EST).

In recent weeks Elton John brought condemnation from gay rights groups for voicing support for Eminem.

The troubled star has yet to comment.

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