A man who subjected his sister to "terrifying violence" for four hours was playing the music of one Marshall Mathers...

A man who tortured his sister, subjecting her to “terrifying violence” for four

hours while listening to the music of EMINEM, was locked

away for ten years after a hearing at LINCOLN CROWN

COURT yesterday (February 14).

The court was told how the victim, 17-year-old Emma

Sleight, thought she was going to die during the attack. They heard

how her brother Anthony Sleight, 20, tied her to a chair, hit

her 20 times on the head and cut her neck twice with a kitchen knife.

Throughout the attack he played the songs of Eminem.

Emma was alone in the family home in Bourne,

Lincolnshire when Sleight burst in. He had

previously been banned from the house by their mother.

Judge Michael Heath told Sleight he was

lucky not to have killed Emma.

Sleight’s solicitor Robert Mayo, was at

pains not to associate Eminem with blame for the violence.

“During the course of the incident a record was played by an artist who has

been criticised by music lovers and psychologists for his ability to stir up hatred

in young people,” he said. “It would have been very easy for Mr

Sleight in his interviews with the police and with the

probation officer to blame the artist. He didn’t.”

Sleight was sent to a young offenders institution for 10

years. He admitted admitting causing grevious bodily harm with intent.

Meanwhile, as reported earlier on NME.COM,

Eminem himself was in court yesterday. He plead guilty to a

charge of carrying a concealed weapon during a brief appearance in

Macomb County Court. The charge related to an incident on

June 4 2000, when he was said to have pistol-whipped a love rival he saw

kissing his wife Kim in the car-park of a

Michigan nightclub.