The Fall announce new album containing song titled ‘Victoria Train Station Massacre’

The Prestwich band's label have promised it is an "unfortunate coincidence"

The Fall have announced a new album, which features a track titled ‘Victoria Train Station Massacre’.

The band’s latest studio album, ‘New Facts Emerge’, will be released on July 28 and was produced by the band’s own Kieron Melling and Mark E. Smith.

A statement from the band’s label has assured fans that one song on the tracklisting, which comes a week after the Manchester bombing in the foyer between Manchester Arena and Manchester Victoria station, is an “unfortunate coincidence”.


Some fans have been quick to point out some might take issue with the title in question. “The Fall might run into trouble with track from their latest album New Facts Emerge called “Victoria Train Station Massacre”,” wrote one user.

However, staff at Cherry Red told Clash the song wasn’t a reaction to recent events and had been recorded “long before” last week’s attack.

“The track is nothing to do with the events last week, but it is an unfortunate coincidence,” they said. “The track was recorded and the artwork sent off for manufacture long before the terrible events in Manchester.”

The rest of the tracklisting is as follows:

‘Fol De Rol’
‘Brillo De Facto’
‘Victoria Train Station Massacre’
‘New Facts Emerge’
‘Couples Vs Jobless Mid 30s’
‘Second House Now’
‘Gibbus Gibson’
‘Nine Out Of Ten’