Frontman Grant Nicholas says the death of drummer Jon Lee has affected the mood of the band's new material...

FEEDER singer GRANT NICHOLAS has said the follow-up to ‘ECHO PARK’ will be “darker” following the death of drummer JON LEE.

Lee committed suicide earlier this year in Miami. Since his death, the remaining two members of the group have retired to the studio and have started work on a new album, which they are approximately half way through. Ten backing tracks are now completed out of a possible 15, with vocals to be added at a later date.

Although a final decision has not been made on Lee’s replacement, the group have been working with ex-[url=]Skunk Anansie drummer Mark Richardson. The band have been friendly with the drummer since before Lee’s death.

Speaking on Radio 1 last night (April 30), Nicholas said: “I’ve been working with someone in the studio, and that’s gone very well, and I think we may continue working with him.

“But I’m not making any big decision on that yet because obviously it’s important to make sure we’ve got the right chemistry. It’s going to be very hard to find anyone to fill Jon’s shoes. But at the same time the music is still in the same sort of vein, and as long as we can find somebody who can play all the old stuff I can’t see it being a problem.”

Elsewhere, Nicholas has said that the tragic events of 2002 for the group have meant the follow-up to ‘Echo Park’, due at the end of this year or the start of next, may be “darker”.

“I’d already started writing songs for this album before Jon died”, he told Kerrang!. “Since it happened I have found that picking up a guitar and writing a song has been a therapeutic thing to do. It will be a Feeder record, but it’s a bit darker.”