Petition started for Fetty Wap to perform ‘Trap Queen’ at Nancy Reagan’s funeral

The petition describes the late First Lady as “the most famous trap queen in American history”

A petition has been started to have Fetty Wap perform at Nancy Reagan’s funeral.

The former First Lady, wife to President Ronald Reagan, died yesterday (March 6) at the age of 94.

A statement accompanying the petition, explains that the New Jersey rapper should be asked to commemorate “the most famous Trap Queen in American history” because she was “married to the money and introduced America to the stove”.


Reagan famously led her husband’s controversial ‘Just Say No’ anti-drug campaign following the introduction of laws that gave harsher sentences for drug possession.

The petitioners write: “Her infamous ‘anti-drug’ phrase encouraged strict laws on drug possession that led to a school-to-prison pipeline we’re still dealing with now.”

They add “Blacks and Latinos went to jail in droves for possessing drugs” as a result of Reagan’s War On Drugs policy. “It was an incredible sleight of hand that would make any wannabe Trap Queen hide in shame for her inability to be as diabolical as Nancy.​“

Reagan’s legacy has been criticised by a number of hip hop artists over the years. Killer Mike, whose 2012 album ‘R.A.P. Music’ featured a track named after the President, said that he “threw a BBQ when Reagan died”.