"Thousands" of copies of Ronan's single are declared ineligible for the chart...

Five entered the UK charts at Number One yesterday (July 23), despite selling less singles than the previous week’s holder of the top spot, Ronan Keating.

Five‘s cover of Queen‘s 1977 single ‘We Will Rock You’, which features original Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor debuted in the UK charts at Number One this week, while Ronan Keating‘s second solo single, ‘Life Is A Rollercoaster’, the former Number One, was demoted to Number Two.

However, according to a report on Radio One, Ronan Keating actually sold more records, but “thousands” of copies of his single were ineligible for the chart because they contained an interview with the star.

A UK spokesperson for Keating refused to confirm any sales figures or comment on the situation.

In other Boyzone news, Keating‘s manager Louis Walsh has told press reporters that he believes the band to be over, with each member choosing to embark on solo careers. He said: “I only manage Ronan now and he is a fantastic worker. I think Boyzone are finished, they all have solo careers. The world always needs another boy band. Every generation wants their own boy band, you can get five years out of them.”

The last two members of Boyzone to go solo, Shane Lynch and Keith Duffy, are to record a cover of the Milli Vanilli single ‘Girl You Know It’s True’, which is expected later in the year.