Florence And The Machine bring ‘Ceremonials’ to New York

Justice also have their set cut short by police at Creators Project gig

Florence And The Machine played three songs from their forthcoming second album ‘Ceremonials’ at the Creators Festival in New York over the weekend (October 15).

As was the case at their secret London gig last month (September 29), the band opened with ‘Only If For A Night’, following it with ‘What The Water Gave Me’ and ‘Heartlines’.

Playing to a packed crowd under Manhattan Bridge, the band also included older tracks ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’ and ‘Dog Days’ in the set, which got the best reception of the night.


Florence And The Machine played:

‘Only If For A Night’
‘What The Water Gave Me’
‘Cosmic Love’
‘Never Let Me Go’
‘Between Two Lungs’
‘Shake It Out’
‘Dog Days Are Over’
‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’
‘No Light, No Light’

‘Ceremonials’ will be released on October 31 in the UK and November 8 in the US.

The performance was part of the ‘Monster Arts and Culture Festival 2011’, curated by Vice-Intel collaboration The Creators Project. Other performance came from A$AP Rocky, The Field, Four Tet and John Maus.

Saturday night closers Justice were later forced to cut their set short after the police showed up.

An officer was seen elbowing his way to the stage 45 minutes after the band’s set started under the Archway of Brooklyn Bridge at 8.30pm.


Shortly afterwards Justice announced the set was over despite rowdy calls for an encore. As the audience filtered out of the open-air venue, DJ Xavier de Rosnay took the microphone to confirm: “The police are shutting us down.”

It is believed sound restrictions could have been the cause of the shutdown.