G-Eazy says his next album will arrive “very soon” and teases Lil Wayne collaboration

"It's a full circle and an album about completing the journey."

G-Eazy has said that his new album will arrive “very soon” and has teased fans about what to expect from his upcoming collaboration with Lil Wayne.

The California rapper is currently working on the follow-up to ‘The Beautiful And The Damned’ – his third record which arrived in December 2017.

While fans have eagerly waited almost two years for the anticipated follow-up, he says it’s only a matter of time before his fourth record finally arrives.


Speaking to NME at Open’er Festival 2019, G-Eazy confirmed that it will arrive “very soon”.

“It’s an album about coming home and an album that’s a full circle,” he teased.

“It’s a full circle and an album about completing the journey and not forgetting your roots and who you are.”

He added that it will focus on “Nostalgia based ideas of missing what was, but at the same time accepting maturation, evolution and growth.”

As for specific details, the rapper also confirmed details of his collaboration with Lil Wayne on the record. In April, he said that the rapper had helped the album to sound “historic”.


“I’ve got Lil Wayne on my album! That’s big for me because he’s one of my favourite rappers of all time,” G-Eazy told NME.

“It’s just about appreciating the present and living in the monent. It feels like sometimes people only love you when you’re gone, but it’s important to acknowledge our heroes while they’re still here and to appreciate them and live in that moment.”

Describing G-Eazy’s Open’er performance, NME wrote: “Onstage, he commands: “So Poland, when this thing drops, I’m going to send this video to Carnage and Wiz Khalifa. I wanna see how crazy this goes! Hands up!”, before dropping their recent break up anthem ‘Wait For Me’, as the audience jump up and down like Whac-A-Moles. If Kylie was the night’s wedding, then G-Eazy was the raucous stag weekend beforehand.”