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GREEN DAY have helped a young fan wake from a coma.

Nine-year-old Corey George was unconscious on a life support machine for two weeks after being knocked down by a 4×4 car in the village of Aberaman, South Wales.

However after being played Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ by his mother on March 6, Corey opened his eyes and began moving his figures and toes.

“His mother played his favourite Green Day

album and within an hour he had opened his eyes,” Corey’s father Martyn told BBC Wales. “He loves Green Day and is always playing their records. The title track we played is his favourite – he listens to it all the time.”

A spokesperson for the band said Green Day were pleased to hear of their fan’s recovery.

“The boys are incredibly pleased that one of their tracks has brought Corey out of his coma,” she said. “They hope he continues with his recovery and makes a full return to health.”