Green Day reveal new album plans

The band are still considering making a movie too

Green Day have revealed that they will be ‘taking their time’ writing the follow-up to the hugely successful ‘American Idiot’.

The band are also still looking at a full length movie version of their seventh LP, and have said that they will not be rushing into making the follow-up.

“We’re gonna take our time,” singer Billie Joe Armstrong said. “We’ll probably start writing after the first of the year and then just regroup. We’ve gotta take our time – this year was such a big year for us. I think it’s a good time to regroup and have good substance to write about instead of hopping into something really fast.”

Despite talks of an ‘American Idiot’ film, the band say that they are unlikely to be appearing in the flick themselves.

“We’re gonna make a movie going along the story of ‘American Idiot’,” drummer Tre Cool told Xfm. “A rock opera. We need to go home, put some thought into it, talk to directors and writers and get the script together, stuff like that. I don’t think that I’m going to have to (be in the film), because we’re making the movie and I wouldn’t do that to myself.”

Armstrong added: “I’m not an actor at all. I’d rather be behind the writing and the production, and leave the acting to the actors.”

Bassist Mike Dirnt has also explained how Green Day dealt with the initial criticism after breaking out of the Californian underground scene to a worldwide fanbase.

He said: “We were so busy concentrating on living our lives and touring and working and growing into who we are as a band. You’ve gotta put the blinders on sometimes and go forward and say ‘To hell with what anyone says’. You’ve just got to move forward and I think, at the end of the day, I’m glad we’re here.”

Green Day’s new single ‘Jesus Of Suburbia’ is set to be released next Monday (November 14).