Iggy Azalea to become ‘X Factor’ judge in Australia

Star will replace Dannii Minogue on the show

Iggy Azalea is reportedly set to join the X Factor judging panel in Australia.

The Sydney-born star is due to replace Dannii Minogue after the latter’s departure from the show was announced.

Azalea’s role on the show was confirmed by network bosses at Channel Seven, The Daily Mail claims.


Azalea hinted at the announcement on Twitter, also telling a fan that she was “nervous/excited” and hoped that she wouldn’t “crack up laughing at anyone” during the show.




Azalea has since expressed her initial concern about taking on the job to Sydney Confidential. “I really didn’t picture myself being a judge on any kind of television show but I think that actually this could be a good fit for me, so I said yes.”

She added: “I understand what it’s like to have giant dreams and intend to help other young Australian’s achieve theirs by sharing my knowledge and developing their talent in collaboration with The X Factor.”

Azalea will replace Minogue, who has appeared on the Australian TV show for the past three years. Minogue took to Twitter to tell fans it’s “time to have a break” in February.