Iggy Azalea brands former mentor T.I. “a huge misogynist”

It comes after T.I called her his "biggest blunder"

Iggy Azalea has labelled her former mentor T.I. “a huge misogynist” following an interview in which the Hustle Gang rapper described her as his “biggest blunder” as a record producer.

Speaking to The Root earlier this week, rapper T.I., also known as Tip Harris, criticised Azalea saying he was “still actively looking for another female rapper who can undo the blunder of Iggy Azalea.”

He added: “That is the tarnish of my legacy as far as [being a music] executive is concerned…To me, this is like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.”


In a series of since deleted tweets, Azalea, who was previously singed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, dismissed the claims, saying: “Imagine thinking I was his biggest blunder lmaoooooooooooooo. Tip. Sweetie. We have a whole list for you.”

She went on: “The tea I could spill on what bullshit this is but at the end of the day I think people can see it’s clear he’s salty. He’s a huge misogynist and has never been able to have a conversation with any woman in which he doesn’t speak like a fortune cookie.”


The pair parted company in 2015 with T.I. revealing in an interview with Ebro In The Morning at the time that her handling of a situation with Q-Tip was partly to blame.

“After it was cool, everything was cool, and then they kind of came back and undid what I had just [done].

“I’ma be all the way real, I’m a loyal partner. If I rock with you I’m gon’ rock with you…I really do feel that [Iggy’s team] just needed a little more time to adjust, which I feel they can do. They have the talent, they have the charisma.”


Back in July, Azalea returned with her sophomore album, ‘In My Defense’, which arrived five years after her debut ‘The New Classic’.

The road to the record’s release was bumpy: it was originally titled ‘Digital Distortion’ and slated for released in 2016, but was shelved.

In late 2017, Azalea announced that she had left Def Jam Recordings and released the EP ‘Survive the Summer’ on Island Records. In late 2018, she announced that she had also left Island Records. ‘In My Defense’ was released on her own label, Bad Dreams Records.