Interpol are open to the idea of an ‘Antics’ 15th anniversary tour

"Those kind of shows to just be fun celebrations"

Interpol frontman Paul Banks has said that he “likes the idea” of the band touring to celebrate the anniversary of their acclaimed second album ‘Antics’.

The NYC trio released their sixth album ‘Marauder‘ last year, after taking the time to tour their seminal debut album ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’ and play it in its entirety to mark its 15th anniversary. Now, as the band gear up to release their new ‘A Fine Mess’ EP, it sounds like they’re open to potentially doing it again for their 2004 second album.

“I like the idea of it,” Banks told NME. “I feel like there was a moment of reticence when we talked about [touring to celebrate] ‘Turn On The Bright Lights’, which was ameliorated or abated by the fact that we were deep into a new release and facing forward with new work [with ‘Marauder’]. I needed that in order to be able to look back and celebrate and older record.”

Banks continued: “Since that, a lot of fans have told us that it was fun as shit. To see a band go back and play a whole record from top to bottom, I like it. I don’t know if there’s any thought about doing that for ‘Antics’, but I’m not categorically opposed. I find those kind of shows to just be fun celebrations.”

Released in 2004 and topping many end of year lists, ‘Antics’ featured the singles ‘Evil’, ‘Slow Hands’, ‘C’Mere’ and ‘Narc’ as well as fan favourites ‘Not Even Jail’ and ‘Take You On A Cruise’.

Speaking to NME about what to expect from upcoming ‘A Fine Mess EP‘, Banks said: “These are all upbeat rockers. They’re not b-sides. They’re all pretty rich rock songs with big choruses. It’s all material that we can see being played in a club with people dancing.

“Sometimes when you turn on an Interpol record you expect people to not be dancing because it’s coming from a more pensive or melancholy place. This is a place-rocking EP.”

‘A Fine Mess EP’ will be released on May 17.

As well as a run of UK headline dates and an appearance at Glastonbury 2019, Interpol perform at All Points East in London’s Victoria Park on Saturday May 25. Visit here for tickets and more information.