The rapper wants to concentrate on movies...

JA RULE has claimed he plans to retire after two more albums to concentrate on an acting career.

Speaking in the US, the rapper said that he wants to release his forthcoming effort ‘The Last Temptation’, and then one more studio album before concentrating on films. He has recently finished work on the movie ‘Half Past Dead’.

He told MTV news: “I’m going to retire after two more albums…I’m serious!”

Rule also revealed he is in discussions to take a role in the sequel to ‘Fast And The Furious’, in which he had a part – but he’s not sure yet if he wants to be involved.

He concluded: “They kind of want me to take over the whole lead of the movie, to make my character the whole basis of the movie. Right now I’m thinking about it. I’m not in love with the idea yet. I liked the idea of me and Vin (Diesel) coming back, but I do realise a lot of people came to see me. Maybe I will explore that idea.”