Listen to Jesse Jo Stark’s haunting new single ‘Cry On Me’

"It's a story about falling in love at the wrong time"

Jesse Jo Stark has shared a new single track called ‘Cry On Me’ – you can listen to it below.

The track follows on from the Los Angeles artist’s ‘A Pretty Place To Fall Apart’ EP, which came out in September.

‘Cry On Me’ continues down a pop-noir path, recounting “a story about falling in love at the wrong time”, as Stark explained in a statement. Acoustic guitars blend with ghostly keys as the singer relives her doomed romance.


During the final verse, she pines for her former lover: “Do you ever wonder where all the time goes?/ It hurts not to kiss you/ Fuck it I miss you/ It’s always been you“. Tune in here:

Speaking Alt Press, Stark – who is the goddaughter of Cher – said that she was “telling a story about two lovers being ripped apart by time” through the emotionally charged track.

“Lyrically I wanted to show little vignettes that feel like an eternal promise,” she continued. “We used a mix of organic and synthesized instruments and recorded everything to tape so it suspends disbelief of the era.”

Stark is primed to release her debut full-length album in 2022, though further details on the project have not yet been shared.


Last year, Jesse Jo Stark enlisted Yungblud to shoot a collection of exclusive polaroids to accompany her single ‘Die Young’.