Johnny Marr and Paul Weller: ‘Noel Gallagher doesn’t need to reform Oasis’

Guitar legends also claim High Flying Birds man is a British institution

Johnny Marr and Paul Weller have hailed Noel Gallagher and declared that “he doesn’t need to reform Oasis”.

The guitar legends, who have both worked with Gallagher, claim his current live set up and recent Number One album ‘Chasing Yesterday’ is some of his best work ever.

“I couldn’t give a fuck if Oasis got back together again because I like what he does now,” Weller told NME, just weeks after Gallagher said the former Jam man would put his “fucking windows in” if that happened.


Weller added: “He gets better and better I think. His new album is wicked.”

Marr added: “When I played with him recently [Marr joined Gallagher onstage at Manchester Arena last month], it’s interesting because he’s filled up this arena and he’s managed to do it by inventing a new kind of Noel music which does what you want from it. He still does big melodies, big choruses and places really amazing feeling in there. But it’s a new kind of thing he’s doing.”

The pair also said Gallagher has become an institution in British guitar music over the last 21 years.

Marr added: “He’s a songwriter, he’s been around and been so well known for years, he’s a bit of a, what’s the term?”

Weller: “Wanker?”

“Ha, no, national treasure,” laughed Marr. “He’s just somebody you’ve got something in common with. When you love music and love playing music that much and when you meet someone else who does that, it cuts through a lot of the bullshit really, and he’s always been the same.


He added: “Like myself and Paul he’s someone that won’t go away whether he’s successful or not because it’s what he does. He’s a lifer. Everyone knows that about him. He’s serious about what he does.”

Weller also revealed that he is planning on finishing a new track with Gallagher when the pair get chance.

“The biggest problem I think is keeping him in the studio long enough,” he added.

He continued: “We were trying to write a song for my new album but he was only there for a few hours. He seemed to want to get away before five o’clock. We had the makings of a track but we just need to sit down and finish it.”

Marr and Weller recently discussed the possibility of working together on new music, following their recent onstage team-up in London, saying it’s something they “definitely” hope to do.