P Diddy gives Justin Bieber a ‘Bad Boy’ jacket for his birthday – watch

The almost-22-year-old singer had early celebrations this weekend

Justin Bieber threw early celebrations for his 22nd birthday (on March 1) yesterday in LA with a star-studded guest list.

P Diddy was on hand with a ‘Bad Boy Entertainment’ bomber jacket for the birthday boy, which was filmed on phones and uploaded to Youtube.

In the footage Bieber, dressed in low-slung cammo trousers, gets topless in order to try the jacket on. He and Diddy then proceed to pull poses and dance and sing to the music.

Towards the end of the video The Game turns up too and performs live.

Watch the full thing here:

Earlier this week a previously unheard Justin Bieber song leaked online.

The track, titled ‘Oh Girl’, surfaced on February 22 and sees Bieber singing over a piano as we’re treated to some of his trademark warbles.

Little else is know about the song, with Complex reporting that it may be a one-off tune from the Canadian star or perhaps, an unused track from his hit album, ‘Purpose’.

Bieber is yet to confirm or deny whether ‘Oh Girl’ is a old track or new material.

It’s the second Bieber song to leak in 2016, with ‘I’ll Be There’ appearing on YouTube back in January.

Much like ‘Oh Girl’, it also happened to be an R&B influenced love song, giving Bieber the chance to show off his rapping skills.