Kevin Abstract: Brockhampton are working on a “feel-good” album

The hip-hop boyband focus on positivity

Brockhampton are working on their next album, Kevin Abstract revealed in a new interview. He’s also described it as a “feel-good” record.

The rapper spoke to playwright Jeremy O. Harris in a wide-ranging interview with GQ for the magazine’s Pride month digital cover, which was published on Monday (June 24).

When the conversation turned to the topic of the boyband’s next album after last September’s ‘Iridescence’, Abstract revealed that “we want to make a summer album. Feel-good. Not too sad and like, ‘Oh, our life sucks,’ just more like, ‘Just enjoy what’s in front of you.”


He elaborated on their creative approach: “Something we’re doing is putting those type of lyrics – like this shit is trash, anxiety, depression, all that stuff – taking those type of lyrics and putting it on a song that a bunch of people could dance to or something. It’s just like [OutKast’s] “Hey Ya!” My favourite song ever.”

Abstract also admitted that acting currently holds more appeal for him than music. His recent solo album, ‘Arizona Baby’, was “not rooted in pure creativity”, he said. “It goes back to survival mode and me looking out for the group. Basically I have to deliver records, because I signed a record deal, which I wanted to do – 110 per cent I wanted to do that. I enjoyed being signed.”

He continued: “I did want to [put out a record], but also I was burnt-out. I should not have made an album. I think the thing that saved my record is, it was vulnerable and it’s honest and it’s pure. But I personally don’t want to make another album.”

Brockhampton signed to RCA Records last year, landing a deal that was reportedly worth $15 million. It seeks six studio albums from the group over a three-year period.