Kings Of Leon doc maker ‘doesn’t regret filming drunk and stoned Caleb Followill’

But 'Talihina Sky' director Stephen Mitchell admits footage is 'hard to watch'

The director of a documentary about Kings Of Leon has said he doesn’t regret filming Caleb Followill getting apparently drunk and stoned.

The singer’s bleary-eyed confessional appears in Talihina Sky, a film about the crisis-hit band which premiered earlier this year and is due to be released on DVD on October 31.

A brief excerpt of the interview appears at around 1:35 in the trailer for the film, which you can see above.

Filmmaker Stephen Mitchell told that the clips, which were filmed during the making of the four-piece’s 2008 album ‘Only By The Night’, are “hard for [him] to watch” in light of Followill‘s recent meltdown.

Asked whether he regretted keeping the footage in the film, he commented:

No, and for the record, I might have been more drunk and stoned than Caleb during that interview. I think it was an amazing conversation, and I think there’s a lot of the film that, looking back, [I] have regrets about showing this or doing that. We made our decisions a while ago and we’re sticking to them and living with them.

Mitchell added that he believes Kings Of Leon probably find it difficult to watch the footage too, remarking:

I guess the only thing I can say is we put the honesty out there and hopefully people at least respect the boys for not bullshitting them.

Earlier today, the Tennessee band dismissed reports that they had fired Caleb over his “diva-like behaviour”.

Drummer Nathan Followill took to his Twitter account to deny US gossip title Star Magazine‘s claims, describing the report as “hilarious”.

Last month Kings Of Leon cancelled their US tour after Caleb stormed offstage and was deemed too ill and exhausted to tour. The cancellation is reportedly set to cost their insurers over $15 million (£9.14 million).