The naughty lyrics on 'Kids'' risqui rap have been chopped from 'Light Years'...

The duet between Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue has been censored on the Aussie star’s forthcoming album – despite appearing in full on WILLIAMS‘ current Number One LP ‘SING WHEN YOU’RE WINNING’.

As revealed by in July, the song ‘Kids’ has a rap by Williams at the end where he says: “Press be asking do I care for sodomy/I don’t know/Yeah, probably/I been looking for serial monogamy, not some bird who looks like Billy Connolly.

But it’s emerged that Kylie’s record label felt the lyrics were a bit too much and have chopped them from Minogue‘s forthcoming album ‘Light Years’, due for release through Parlophone on September 25. The track has only just been added to the album’s tracklisting – it did not feature on promotional copies .


However, Minogue‘s record company have confirmed that when the track is released through Williams‘ label Chrysalis on October 9, the full version, including the rap, will be used.

Talking about the track on his official website, Williams said: “It was kind of sweet, because I wanted to have her (Kylie) say lots of dirty things to me, but really wasn’t brave enough to write the lyric.”

Meanwhile, midweek chart predictions suggest that Kylie‘s new single ‘On A Night Like This’, which was released on Monday, will not make Number One as first predicted and will instead debut at Number Two, with Modjo‘s ‘Lady’ holding on at the top for another week.

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