Lana Del Rey: ‘Most people I meet figure I want to kill myself’

Singer also admits her infamous 'Saturday Night Live' appearance didn't help her career

Lana Del Rey claims that everyone she meets believes she wants to “kill herself”.

The singer, who recently got into an online row with The Guardian after she said: “I wish I was dead already”, admitted that she constantly gets asked about it in interviews now.

She told Rolling Stone: “I feel fucking crazy. But I don’t think I am. People make me feel crazy. I find that most people I meet figure I kind of want to kill myself anyway. So, it comes up every time.”

It was a debate that also saw late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean advising Del Rey.

In the same interview, Del Rey opened up about her heavily criticised Saturday Night Live performance from 2012 and admitted that it dented her career. She said: “It wasn’t dynamic, but it was true to form. Everyone I knew suddenly wasn’t so sure about me. They were like, ‘Maybe I don’t want to be associated with her – not a great reputation’.”

At the time she hit back at her critics saying: “I actually felt good about it. I thought I looked beautiful and sang fine.”