Led Zeppelin injury: international fans slam gig rescheduling

Travel chaos as fans scrabble to change flight plans

Fans from around the world have e-mailed NME.COM to complain about Led Zeppelin‘s rescheduling of their forthcoming reunion gig at London’s O2 Arena, following Jimmy Page’s finger injury.

Many fans who live outside the UK have been plunged into travel chaos, after booking expensive travel arrangements to coincide with the original Led Zeppelin concert date, November 26.

The show is now due to take place on December 10.

Many of those who wrote in expressed their concern for the guitarist, but explained because of the one-off nature of the gig they had spent a lot of money on travel.

One fan, Stephen Brennan, who lives in Boston, USA, e-mailed to say he was “extremely disappointed” with the band.

“I am sorry about Jimmy‘s finger,” he wrote. “However, his injury is going to cost me more than the tickets. I haven’t found out how much the penalty is to change flight and hotel reservations. This doesn’t take into account schedules that have been changed so that we could go to England for the show.

“With a show that is a one-off performance, these guys should be in a freaking padded room until three minutes before the show!”

Jen Ryan, meanwhile, a fan from New York, was even angrier, as she won’t be able to afford to pay for new travel costs.

“People have planned their travels from all over the globe, myself included, to come to this once in a lifetime show!” she wrote. “This reflects poorly on the charity and Led Zeppelin’s commitment to it.

“It would be more admirable for them to cancel altogether, as most people who have tickets will not be able to make a rescheduled trip – me being one of them! Shame on Led Zeppelin!”