Lily Allen plans ‘sports day’ to tackle London knife crime

Singer says she'll get more involved in fighting issue

Lily Allen is planning to get more involved in tackling knife crime following her meeting with the London mayor earlier this year.

The singer met with Boris Johnson after blogging about the rising number of knife attacks in the British capital and says she intends to get involved further.

“From what I can see there’s a lot of money waiting to be spent, it’s just about finding the right thing that will make a difference,” she told The Observer Music Monthly.

“I’m not going to rush it, I want to give all my time to this. We’re trying to figure out a scheme that I can attach myself to.”

Allen added that knife crime was likely to be the issue she focused on.

“I don’t think [knife crime] is fuelled by hate, but by wanting to get a reaction or some respect from your community,” she reasoned. “So we’re working on a reward scheme, or almost a sports day: a way you can win something for your community, like bike parts or computers or sewing machines. Anything really, so you get the kudos from your peers for positive action, for winning stuff.”