Lily Allen wades into ‘X Factor’ Laura White debate

Singer gives her opinion on the reality TV saga

Lily Allen has spoken out in support of ‘X Factor’ contestant Laura White, who was controversially voted off the ITV show on Saturday (November 8).

The decision prompted outrage from fans, with 12,000 signing a petition to get her reinstated. The saga even got mentioned in Parliament, with Culture Secretary Andy Burnham describing the move as “very harsh”.

TV judge Louis Walsh defended his decision to vote off White, but Allen, writing on her blog at, has slammed the move.

“I think we we’re all a little shocked, right?” she wrote. “Laura didn’t deserve to go in my opinion , neither did Ruth [Lorenzo] (my personal favourite).

“I’ve been left feeling quite upset by the whole of tonight’s show. I cannot believe that week after week, Daniel [Evans] the pool man is still in, people are quite mad, I’m sure.

“Now, I don’t know what people think on here, and I understand that she was ill, but out of respect to Laura, I think Diana Vickers should have to sing a Mariah Carey song next week [as White had sung Carey‘s ‘Endless Love’ on the show].

“I’m sure she’s capable of rising to the challenge, I just don’t think it’s fair otherwise. Everyone needs to be judged in the same way or the whole thing becomes meaningless.”