New Lily Allen song leaks online

'Fuck You Very Much' is available to hear in full

A video featuring the full version of a new Lily Allen song, ‘Fuck You Very Much’, has been posted on YouTube.

The song is set to appear on Allen‘s forthcoming second album, which has the working title ‘Stuck On The Naughty Step’, which she is imminently set to complete. Listen to the song by clicking on the video below.

The singer posted a clip of the song – which features anti-British National Party lyrics – on her MySpace page,, in June. However, this is the first time the song has been available to hear in full.

When Allen initially posted the song clip online it went under the title ‘Guess Who Batman?’. However, the YouTube video suggests that the song title has changed to ‘Fuck You Very Much’ – a phrase repeated in the chorus.

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