Machine Gun Kelly speaks out on his ‘battle’ against Eminem

'This is a battle between the past and the fucking future'

Machine Gun Kelly has spoken out about his ongoing diss track feud with Eminem, describing it as ‘a battle between the past and the future’.

Last week saw Eminem drop surprise album ‘Kamikaze‘ – loaded with controversial moments and taking aim at many others with a number of ‘diss tracks‘. Among them was Machine Gun Kelly who came under attack on the song ‘Not Alike’.  Kelly then hit back with the diss track ‘Rap Devil‘ – mocking his track ‘Rap God’.

Now during a gig at Grand Rapids’ Van Andel Arena in Michigan last night while supporting Fall Out Boy, Kelly told the crowd about what their feud really means to him.


“This is not a battle between Michigan and Ohio,” Kelly told the crowd, as the Detroit Free Press reports. “This is a battle between the past and the fucking future.”

Launching into ‘Rap Devil’, he then began to rap “Knees weak of old age — the real Slim Shady can’t stand up.

Meanwhile, Eminem is said to already be back in the studio at work on new material – reportedly with his sights set on Machine Gun Kelly.

“Right now, he in there working,” said Shady Records producer Mr Porter. “We doing something else right now, but trust me, we’ll get to it. I’ll tell you this: I wouldn’t wanna be [Machine Gun Kelly]. It’s great that you took that opportunity and did that, hey, kudos to you, good for you. The one thing that I’m worried about . . . You remember when Thanos threw that whole planet at Iron Man? [It will be like that].”


The feud dates back to 2012 over comments Machine Gun Kelly made about Eminem’s daughter on social media, tweeting that she was “hot as fuck.”

Since the comments, Machine Gun Kelly alleged that he was banned from various media outlets and in a freestyle with the LA Lakers he rapped: “I’m my favourite rapper alive since my favourite rapper banned me from Shade 45.” Before the feud, Machine Gun Kelly often cited Eminem as one of his greatest influences.

Other artists to have hit back at Eminem this week include Die Antwoord, Joe Budden and 6ix9ine.