The film looks back at the turbulent time the band hand recording current album 'St Anger'...

METALLICA are set to release a controversial warts-and-all documentary chronicling the recording of their current album ‘ST ANGER’.

‘Some Kind Of Monster’ is set for a cinema release in the US next spring, followed by an extended DVD package.

Director Joe Berlinger told MTV how the film pulls no punches: “Our mantra in the editing room was ‘Our film ends where most concert films begin’. The last scene of the movie is Metallica taking the stage in Europe for the first time in three years. Before that, you see all the stuff that happened after the band started to work on ‘St Anger’, and a lot of it is heavy stuff that would have sunk many other bands.”

Filming started shortly after the departure from the band of bassist Jason Newsted, and took in a turbulent period from the band in which drummer Lars Ulrich fought an ongoing legal battle with Napster and its users and frontman James Hetfield’s battle with alcoholism.

Berlinger continued: “On the surface it’s about the making of ’St Anger’, but it’s much more of a film about human relationships and the creative process. It asks how you manage the multiple issues of being big rock stars while approaching middle age, being fathers and not wanting to party the way you used to party. And most importantly, how do you stay vital musically when you’re incredibly successful?”

The film has been entered for the Sundance Film Festival.