Metric announce ‘Formentera II’ and share “regret disco” song ‘Just The Once’

Following last year's 'Formentera'

Canadian indie icons Metric have announced ‘Formentera II’, the follow-up to their 2022 album ‘Formentera’.

The band took to social media on Friday (July 7) to announce the upcoming record. ‘Formentera II’, per the band’s announcement, is scheduled for release on October 13 via Metric Music International/Thirty Tigers. Pre-orders are now available and can be purchased here.

Check out the announcement below.


Along with announcing ‘Formentera II’, Metric have also released ‘Just The Once’ as the album’s first single. Vocalist Emily Haines said of ‘Just The Once’ via a press statement: “The only way I can describe “Just The Once” is to call it “regret disco.””

Haines continues: “It’s a song for when you need to dance yourself clean. Beneath the sparkling surface, there’s a lyrical exploration of a simple word with many meanings. Once is a word that plays a game of opposites. Once can mean once-upon-a-time and refer to a moment in the past, or it can mean someday, once something happens. And as for doing something only once versus doing something once in a while, well, I think we all know how vast the difference is between the two.”

Listen to Metric’s ‘Formentera II’ below.

Metric’s track list for ‘Formentera II’ is:

  1. ‘Detour Up’
  2. ‘Just The Once’
  3. ‘Stone Window’
  4. ‘Days of Oblivion’
  5. ‘Who Would You Be For Me’
  6. ‘Suckers’
  7. ‘Nothing Is Perfect’
  8. ‘Descendants’
  9. ‘Go Ahead and Cry’

Last year’s ‘Formentera’ scored a four-star review from Rhian Daly for NME. Daly wrote: “‘Formentera’ is an exercise in trying to let go until it hits the title track. ‘I Will Never Settle’ is resilient but soft, glittering melodies rippling through the track and giving it an air of melancholy magic. ‘Oh Please’ rides on a syncopated, funk-tinged bassline. Come the arrival of closing track ‘Paths In The Sky’, a buzzing slice of soaring indie, it feels that the band have accepted life’s up and downs.”

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