Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris denies impersonator appeared on posthumous album

She scotches rumours that Jacon Malachi sings on 'Michael'

Michael Jackson‘s daughter Paris has denied claims that an impersonator sang on her father’s posthumous album.

Earlier this week, TMZ reported that Paris had claimed that singer Jason Malachi had contributed vocals to the LP ‘Michael’, which was released in December 2010.

Reports alleged that she had been captured on video revealing that it was Malachi’s voice which was featured on the track ‘Hold My Hand’. She is claimed to have said: “It’s not him [her father]. The whole album isn’t even him. Go online, go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him. I should know if it’s him [Michael Jackson] or not, because he would sing to me all the time.”


However, she has now taken to Twitter to deny the claims, writing:

People should know by now not to believe the media when it comes down to TMZ talking about my family. ‘Hold My Hand’ IS my dad actually singing.

Jackson died at the age of 50 from an overdose of the anaesthetic propofol. Last November, his physician Dr Conrad Murray was convicted of his involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison.

However, last month (February 23) it was reported that Murray was appealing his sentence and was claiming that Jackson was so concerned about his finances that he recklessly self-administered a fatal dose of the drug Propofol.

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