Kanye West producer Mike Dean argues with Twitter users confusing him for Premier League referee

The producer shares his name with one of England's highest-profile football referees

Hip-hop producer Mike Dean has become embroiled in a number of arguments with Twitter users who appear to be confusing him for the Premier League referee of the same name.

Dean, who has produced extensively for Kanye West, Travis Scott and Jay-Z in recent years, has found his Twitter account become inundated with tweets from football fans in the UK and beyond who are confusing him for his refereeing namesake.

After referee Mike Dean received strong criticism from both football fans and the media following his controversial sending off of West Ham’s Sofiane Feghouli in their recent match against Manchester United (see the incident in question below), some Twitter users directed their ire at the Wirral-born referee’s decision-making towards the Houston-born producer’s Twitter account.

Twitter user @TheRivermanRuns started the argument, tweeting at Dean (the producer): “how does the @FA let you ref ANYTHING anymore? Wouldn’t put you in charge of a Sunday league match. Disgraceful.” Dean responded to the seemingly erroneous targeting by telling the tweeter: “I AM MOT [sic] A SOCCER REFF U LIMEY FUCK. DO YOUR RESEARCH.”

However, since that initial outburst, Dean appears to have softened towards his case of mistaken identity, joking with fans who continue to tweet football-related questions and insults at him, while also declaring his love for Manchester United. See a selection of Dean’s tweets, including the above exchange, below.