Muse reveal the origin of ‘Plug In Baby’ – and it might surprise you

A guitar anthem straight from the Argos catalogue

Muse have revealed the origin of the title to their now classic single ‘Plug In Baby’.

The band’s hit from 2001’s seminal ‘Origin Of Symmetry’, is all about ‘the path that evolution can take’ in the wake of modern technology, however the song’s name came from a far more unlikely place.

“We got the name for the song ‘Plug in Baby’ from an Argos catalogue,” frontman Matt Bellamy told Absolute Radio’s Dave Berry. “This was back in the late 90’s or 2000’s. It was like a baby monitor and it was called a ‘Plug in Baby’. We saw that, we thought that’s a great song name, let’s just use that.”


Speaking to Rock Sound in 2001 about the song’s meaning, Bellamy said: “There’s the good side and the bad side [to technology]; abandoning all individuality, becoming a collective whole via cables, and genetically engineering bodies that can exist out in space, or the loss of individualism.”

Muse on the origin of 'Plug In Baby'

Muse frontman Matt Bellamy tells Dave Berry the ridiculous source of the name 'Plug In Baby'!

Posted by Absolute Radio on Monday, February 19, 2018

Meanwhile, Bellamy also told Berry about the band’s plans for their upcoming live shows and new album.

“That’s our goal, that’s our intention, that’s what we’re born to do…. get out there and blow minds. That’s it. That’s what we do. We’re not touring yet for a while, we’re only doing like four shows this year to keep ourselves energised whilst making the album, but they’re not in the UK unfortunately, they’re in other places.  Next year we’re gonna come to the UK.  We’ve got some cool, crazy ideas.”


“We’re going to do the biggest tour and just blow people’s minds with stuff they’ve never seen before,” Bellamy told NME.

“We’re going to come up with something that no one’s ever seen before. We’re always interested in the latest technology and what’s cutting edge, so we’re always thinking of the new thing that nobody’s ever used before in a concert. And we found something and we’re going to use that.”

“We’ve been working on a lot of new music,” Bellamy added, “we’re going to release more new songs this year, working towards an album which will come out some time soon.”

Last year also saw the band confirm that they were working with Rich Costey, who produced their third and fourth albums ‘Absolution’ and ‘Black Holes And Revelations’.

Muse previously told fans not to expect a new album in the near future, but instead a series of singles and EPs. They’re also due to release ‘Origin Of Muse‘ – a box set of their first two albums complete with rare and unheard material.