N Sync’s Lance Bass clarifies sexual harassment claims

Pop singer recently claimed the boy band had been 'inappropriately touched' by a music industry figure

Former N Sync member Lance Bass has clarified his recent comments that alleged that he and his bandmates had suffered instances of sexual harassment during their early career.

Bass was speaking on The Meredith Vieira Show earlier this week when he said that “someone we worked with” had been “inappropriately touching us” when they were 16 or 17.

Now, Bass has elaborated on the claims on his SiriusXM ‘Dirty Pop’ radio show. He said: “No man should be touching a teenager like this. You know, where they kind of give you the massages.”


Despite this, the singer says that the situation hasn’t had a lasting emotional effect and made reference to numerous allegations of sexual assault facing comedian Bill Cosby. “It’s not like a [Bill] Cosby situation where I felt violated, and I need justice, and it affected me. It just didn’t. But it does other people out there, for sure. It’s a serious thing, you know, sexual harassment.”


Although Bass did not refer to the individual by name in his original claims, he did say: “He’d always grab our arms and feel our muscles and go: ‘Hey boys, you workin’ out? Yeahhhh!'”

When asked if he or his bandmates reported the man’s actions, Bass said: “No. With the guys we would talk about it, joke about it, even though it’s not a joking matter. I didn’t feel victimised at the time because I was very aware of it.”