Professor Green to play in soundproof glass cube at shopping centre

Music Cube takes place at London's two Westfield Centres from October 25 to November 2

Professor Green is to close the inaugural series of Music Cube gigs, a new event taking place at Westfield London from October 25-26 and Westfield Stratford City from October 31-November 2.

The project sees artists perform in a soundproof glass cube with LED surrounds. Audience members listen in on supplied headphones. Rapper Green will be performing the single ‘Lullaby’, and will take to the cube at 5.15pm. In support is Bristol singer-songwriter Ava Lily.

There are six live sessions for each day the cube is in place, and each of the performances will be streamed online by Westfield and Kiss FM. Other performers include MNEK, who appears at Westfield London on Saturday (October 25).

Green and the rest of the artists appearing at Westfield aren’t the only artists to perform inside a sealed cube in London this year. Death metal band Unfathomable Ruination played in an air-tight, soundproof cube until they ran out of oxygen three nights a week from July 3 until August 1.

The performances were inaudible to the public and were part of an installation titled ‘Box Sized Die’ by Portugese artist João Onofre.

Tickets for Music Cube are free from the Westfield website.