Onstage tension signals new crisis for feuding Gallaghers...

Oasis came close to implosion onstage at WEMBLEY STADIUM last night (July 22) during a performance overshadowed by a bickering, drunken LIAM GALLAGHER.

Throughout the show Liam seemed out of control, swearing constantly between and during songs calling Wembley a “shithole” and baiting brother Noel saying he’d been touring the world making money for him while Noel sat at home.

He also used the occasion to make his first comments about the split with Patsy Kensit frequently referring to her as a “bitch” who had left him without a “teabag” to his name and made it necessary to have a solicitor to see their son Lennon.


It was obvious even before Oasis took to the stage that something was going to go off. Liam stormed on during Happy Mondays’ support set grabbing frontman Shaun Ryder in a bearhug when Ryder had started an Elvis impression. And two tracks into Oasis‘ own set he changed a line in second song ‘Who Feels Love?’ into ‘Thank you for the sun/The one that shines on everyone/Who deals drugs’. Liam at one point also called on the crowd to bare their breasts, refusing to continue until he saw some on the screen behind them.

The onstage tension between him and Noel, which frequently seemed set to come to blows, actually added to the sense of occasion. The 70,000 fans were delighted to see the band back at their fighting best, even if this time it looked more serious than the playfulness of the past.

Significantly, though, Noel appeared less than happy. Unlike in Dublin two weeks ago (July 8) he refused to shake hands with his brother on his exit from the stage.

Liam‘s antics suggested he sensed Oasis were coming to an end. He refused to leave the stage before the band’s encore and incredibly repeated the trick at the very end of the show, staying on even after the rest of the band had long gone, messing with Noel‘s guitar and telling the crowd “I’ll go if you go. You go first.”

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