One Direction’s new press photo described by psychologist as showing ‘signs of detachment’

'They’re not interacting, they’re not taking their cues from one another," says Dr Collett

One Direction unveiled their first official photo as a fourpiece earlier this week, with body language experts claiming that the picture shows signs of disunity in the group.

Singer Zayn Malik departed the boy band in March due to stress induced by press speculation over his love life.

The band are continuing without Malik and recently announced that they’re starting work on their next album, but now behavioural psychologist Dr Peter Collett has spoken to The Guardian about what their new photo (pictured above) reveals about the group.

“If we were to take a pair of scissors and physically remove one of the four from this image, then it would not look like they were engaged,” Collett said. “It’s what is called ‘The Cut Out Principle’ – something that was often applied to images of Charles and Diana when they were photographed walking together. In this image of One Direction, they’re not interacting, they’re not taking their cues from one another.”

Collett added: “There are other signs of detachment – Harry has his arms crossed, a classic barrier signal, while Louis has his fist in his hand – something we tend to do when we’re controlling unconscious feelings of frustration. Liam, meanwhile, has his hands in his pockets – which is either super-casual or a way of concealing your hands, ie not exposing what you’re thinking.”

Meanwhile, One Direction recently confirmed that they’re back in the studio with ‘Story of My Life’ songwriter Jamie Scott.

Both Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter to post news of the writing sessions, alongside a photograph with Scott.

Scott is a long-term collaborator with the band, with writing contributions for singles including ‘Story of My Life’, ‘Night Changes’, ‘You & I’, ‘Midnight Memories’ and ‘More Than This’.

He is also a singer, having opened for One Direction on five dates of their 2014 ‘Where We Are Tour.’ He released his album ‘Park Bench Theories’ in 2007 as Jamie Scott and The Town through Virgin in the US. His second solo album ‘My Hurricane’ was released earlier this week (April 14).