Each of 'The Altogether''s tracks have a unique film to accompany the music...

ORBITAL are to release their new album as a DVD video, with each of the album’s tracks having a unique film to accompany the music.

‘The Altogether’ is released on DVD on August 27. The Hartnoll brothers have teamed up with a series of companies and film directors, who have made a video for each song from multi-visual/audio live action pieces through to animations.

The DVD, which is recorded in surround sound, will have a series of menus, which allow users to, amongst other things, uncover hidden or alternate versions of tracks.

The tracklisting runs:

‘Tension’ (Director: Giles Thacker)

‘Funny Break (One is Enough)’ (Director: Luke Losey)

‘Oi!’ (Director: Paul Donnellon)

‘Pay Per View’ (Director: Grant Fulton)

‘Tootled’ (Director: Giles Thacker)

‘Last Thing’ (Director: Chris Grottick)

‘Doctor?’ (Director: Phil Crowe)

‘Shadows’ (Director: Martin Goodwin & Luke Losey)

‘Waving Not Drowning’ (Director: Jes Benstock)

‘Illuminate’ (Director: Sean Ash)